Museums & Exhibitions


London School of Economics

The National Archives - London

School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine - London UK

Children’s Museum - Cairo Egypt*

Amarna site Museum - Amarna Egypt*

Muybridge Revolutions - Kingston Upon Thames U.K.

Museum Of Liverpool - Liverpool U.K.*

National Trust Museum of Childhood - Ashbourne U.K.*

My Life in a Box - Kinston Upon Thames U.K.

Red or Dead London Fashion Week - London U.K.

Priory House - Dunstable U.K.*

Your Parliament - Westminster Hall London U.K.

Cycle - London U.K.

Science  and Technology Centre - Al Khobar K.S.A.*

The London Boat Show - London U.K.

Segedunum - Wallsend  U.K.*

People and the Palace - Kingston Upon Thames U.K.

Aquarium - Sharjah U.A.E.*

ConocoPhillips Heritage Museum - Oklahoma U.S.A.*

Corinium - Cirencester U.K.*

International Slavery Museum - Liverpool U.K.*

Islamic Museum - Sharjah U.A.E.*

* denotes works completed on behalf of Eastwoodcook Ltd

Artists & Galleries


Andrew Roberts

Business Applied Sculpture Services - London U.K.

Corvi Mora Gallery - London U.K.

Magnani Gallery - London U.K.

Les Coleman

The Saatchi Collection - London U.K.

Maurice Agis

Annie Ratti

Green Grassi Gallery -  London U.K.

Visitor Attractions

ZSL London Zoo

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo